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Our History

  • 1928 - 1938
  • 1938 - 1948
  • 1948 - 1958
  • 1958 - 1968
  • 1968 - 1978
  • 1978 - 1988
  • 1988 - 1998
  • 1998 - 2008
  • 2008 - 2018
  • Today
1928 - 1938

The late Haj Javad Keshavarzi learned the art of Hajj Arbab Mahjour in the city of Qom from 1304 to 1307 AH and started his formal activity in the field of Halva and Tahini at Delijan in year 1307 . At that time, the profession had quite traditional and primitive tools, such as the "Deng" used to separate the skin from sesame, the "trough" used for martyrdom of raisins, and the old grinding stone used by horses or mules, etc.

1938 - 1948

After years of work in Delijan, the workshop moved to the Mir Square neighborhood of Qom city and produced halva and ardea for the same location for five years. In the second year of World War II, due to a large tax levied on Reza Shah for sugar , halves and raisin syrup were made at the farmer's workshop to replace sugar for the people.

1948 - 1958

In the interval between these years, the workshop was dedicated to the production of sesame products with the same traditional tools that came from the Qajar era and before that. In the year 1335 , Mr. Hussein Keshavarzi was born the son of Haj Jawad, chairman of the board of directors of the agricultural food industry.

1958 - 1968

In year 1337 , the workshop was moved to Rumi Street in Qom and continued in that location for 46 years. During these years electricity replaced animal motors, all the tools were changing, and the completely traditional keshavarz's workshop became a semi-industrial workshop during these years.

1968 - 1978

During this decade as Mr. Hossein Keshavarzi's business progressed alongside his father, they were learning the techniques that have been their guides in the industry to this day.

1978 - 1988

During this decade, the most fundamental changes were made by Mr. Hossein Keshavarzi, one of the most important of which was the replacement of mills in Mehriz Yazd, which led to higher quality Ardeh production. During these years the first fully mechanical machines were added to the workshop and manual production of halva became mechanical production.

1988 - 1998

In the intervening years, Mr. Hossein Keshavarzi first opened an independent production line, and then he was kicked out of the start-up of the Agricultural Food Factory in Siro Industrial Zone in the beginning of the year. At the factory, initially by designing a sesame peel production line, this was widely done and the processes of production of other products were progressing step by step. In these years sesame halva was added to the product as small pieces, and syrups were produced by combining natural flavors of cardamom, rose water and saffron to add sesame.

1998 - 2008

The most important event of the decade has been the transfer of the keshavarz's business to the current location of the central branch, on Shahid Motahari Street. During these years, the keshavarz factory was moving forward with the production of sesame oil (traditional) and virgin sesame oil (industrial).

2008 - 2018

In the last decade before our brand became 90 years old , our brand has undergone extensive changes in the process of production and variety of products that resulted in the production of several types of products in the organic and health-oriented basket of products. Products such as chocolate + Ardeh , sugar-free halva of three syrups (including dates, grapes and mulberry syrups), blackcurrant (blackcurrant and blackberry protein) were proudly added to the high-quality keshavarz's products. In this final decade, the new generation of this family, aiming to expand and further the brand, have studied in related fields to move to a brighter tomorrow by integrating new science and valuable family experience. Also during these years the distribution of products in Qom province expanded and for ease of access of our customers we opened new branches across of qom including attaran and alqadir street.


at 1397 we proudly celebrate our 90 years of work with one goal:

To Bring Healthy Food Products to Our Customer

Our Pdoructs

wide range of sesame based products

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